Trixie Wicker Cat Basket Review

The Trixie Wicker Cat Basket has a classical design and is fabricated from wicker giving it a warm and natural feel. A removable front door means it can be used as both a cosy den as well as doubling up as a cat carrier for any occasions when you may need to move your cat to a different location. A sturdy wicker handle on the top makes it very easy to carry.

Trixie Wicker Cat Basket

Trixie Wicker Cat Basket Features

A large basket suitable for bigger breeds of cat or possibly small dogs too. Your pet will feel at home inside and will not be anxious should you need to use it to transport them on a trip. A strong metal removable door can be added to the front and then secured with a wooden toggle so they are safe and secure in transit.

Trixie Wicker Cat Basket Summary

A fabulous dual purpose den / transportation basket. A strong metal door can be added or removed as required and the benefit of this basket being used as a den is that your cat will feel familiar inside it when it comes time to use it for going on a trip. This is a classic, timeless design made using natural materials so will look beautiful in your home.

Trixie Wicker Cat Basket Specifications

Colour: Brown with a black metal door
Overall dimensions: 50cm long x 36cm wide x 46cm high
Interior: approximately 46cm long x 34cm wide

Trixie Wicker Cat Basket Reviews

There are over 50 customer reviews for this cat basket on the vendor's website and they are all reassuring. Here is a typical example:

I purchased this about 6 months ago and my cat Percy is happy to go in it to be transported around. He can see 360 degrees so I think he doesn't feel trapped like other plastic transporters. I have managed to take the front off too and can reconnect when needed. It's a nice piece to have in the house too and he uses it now and again for an extra bed.

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