Trixie Gulliver Dog Kennel Review

The Trixie Gulliver Dog Kennel is one of the most popular dog transport kennels on the market. It comes in a variety of sizes to suit whichever breed of dog you have from Poodles up to German Shepherds. Made from sturdy plastic it is IATA compliant and has a metal lockable cage door for access which can also be removed when not needed.

Trixie Gulliver Dog Kennel

Trixie Gulliver Dog Kennel Features

A well built pet carrier which will keep your dog safe on journeys of any length. The kennel can be ordered with optional wheels and once these are fitted it can be effortlessly rolled along using the slide out handle on top. A metal cage door and slats in the sides of the container allow your pet to see what is happening around them whilst in transit.

Trixie Gulliver Dog Kennel Summary

A high quality product, essential if you want your dog to be safe on the move. It can be ordered in whichever size you need and has the option of a set of wheels to make moving it around even easier. The included food and water bowl can be clipped onto the cage door which opens outwards or can be removed completely if not required.

Trixie Gulliver Dog Kennel Specifications

Overall dimensions:
Size 4: 72cm long x 52cm wide x 51cm high
Size 5: 79cm long x 58cm wide x 60cm high
Size 6: 92cm long x 64cm wide x 64cm high

Trixie Gulliver Dog Kennel Reviews

There are several customer reviews for this dog kennel on the vendor's website and they are all positive. Here is a typical example:

“We travel with a full house of dogs and cats, changing posts every 2-4 years. After trying many brands and types of travel crates, we have settled on the Kennel Gulliver: easy to assemble, sturdy, secure, open enough for air circulation, closed enough to allow the animals a sense of security. And it bears up well to the rough handling that baggage personnel can sometimes inflict.”

How to buy the Trixie Gulliver Dog Kennel

Price at the time of writing this review was from £44.90 (depending on the size of model). To order this product or to see further images and more customer feedback please click here!

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