Rapunzel Cat Tree Review

The Rapunzel Cat Tree looks just like a fairytale castle and it would definitely look stunning in your living room. Your feline friends will love it too, with numerous platforms, hideaways and places to climb and play. Four sturdy sisal posts take care of your cat's need to scratch their claws and if you are lucky enough to have three pets in your home they can even have a turret each to rest on and look out over their kingdom.

Rapunzel Cat Tree

Rapunzel Cat Tree Features

Four large sisal posts extend upwards from the plush base unit, and the first item of interest for kitty will be the larger den which can be accessed by jumping or by using the staircase. A additional smaller den is located further up the tree and is also accessible via a staircase. At the very top there are three turret styled resting platforms which also provide an excellent vantage point. This is a large tree and would easily accommodate several cats who would no doubt have hours of fun exploring and playing chasing games.

Rapunzel Cat Tree Summary

A lovely piece of furniture in itself and quite a large cat tree lending itself to multiple occupation providing you have space for it in your home. Available in a choice of two colours so matching it to your decor is made easier. The staircases mean that the lower levels are easily accessed so this is also suitable for elderly cats or youngsters who may not be quite as agile.

Rapunzel Cat Tree Specifications

Colours available: Dark Grey or Beige
Dimensions: 89cm wide x 74cm deep x 185cm high
Base: 70cm wide x 60cm deep
All Sisal Posts: 9cm diameter
Turret Platforms: 34cm x 34cm
Larger Den: 49cm wide x 34cm deep x 29cm high
Smaller Den: 29cm wide x 29cm deep x 24cm high

Rapunzel Cat Tree Reviews

5 Star Rating Rating: 5 - There are 37 customer reviews for this model of tree on the vendor's website and they are all very encouraging. Here is a typical example:

I ordered this cat tree about 1 month ago, I was a little nervous afterwards wondering what I had actually gone and ordered, but I need not have worried. It was so easy to put together, specially if you start at the top and work your way down to the base!!! It is very solid, and there is no rocking when my 3 adult cats climb all over it, and they are not small adults. (We have added some castors on to the base, but that is to help move it when hoovering, I haven't used the brakes on the castors and still it doesn't move about when the cats are on it.) It's been very well made, and all in all I am very pleased with it, and my 3 cats are too. I have added some of their favourite toys, and every day I hide some of their cat treats on it. I am certain this will take some time before it looks like its had some serious wear. All I can say is that I should have brought this years ago. Brilliant value for money.

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