Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree Review

The Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree is fabricated from completely natural hand woven banana leaves, giving this product a beautiful feel and appearance. With a pair of dens as well as a two padded platforms there are plenty of spaces for one or more cats to relax or take a catnap. The thick sisal posts and circular scratch pad in the base provide lots of opportunities for the scratching and sharpening of claws.

Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree

Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree Features

The natural materials which are woven by hand give this cat tree a very aesthetically pleasing look and feel. The base contains a circular scratching pad in addition to the traditional scratch posts which are also present. The lower of the two dens is more enclosed to give a private space for escaping from it all and sleeping while the upper one is more open so doubles as a covered viewing platform. There are two other levels which are suited to both lying down as well as jumping and chasing around. All the cushions can be removed and machine washed for convenience.

Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree Summary

A medium sized model which will not dominate a room but has ample room for more than one cat to play and rest on. Made from natural banana leaves, it is more environmentally friendly as well as being beautiful to look at. Another advantage of using banana leaves is that they do not tend to leave a mess which can happen when artificial materials come under attack from some sharp claws. A very popular model - it is easy to see why.

Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree Specifications

Colours available: Beige
Dimensions: 103cm long x 58cm wide x 158cm high
Base: 78cm wide x 58cm deep x 2.5cm high maximum (oval shaped)
40cm diameter sisal pad in the centre of the base
All Sisal Posts: 9cm diameter
Lower Den: 45cm diameter, 26cm high, 20cm diameter of entrance
Upper Den: 50cm diameter, 13cm high
The cushion is removable and can be washed at 30°C

Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree Reviews

There are over 100 customer reviews for this banana leaf cat tree on the vendor's website and they are all positive. Here is a typical example:

“Purchased one of these trees a few years ago. Very impressed by the item then and still impressed by it now. So impressed that we have recently purchased another two of these. I love the fact you can remove and wash the covers. Very easy to assemble. Very easy on the eye. No carpet on tree at all which to me is one of the best things about it 10/10 ”

How to buy the Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree

Price at the time of writing this review was £119.00 To order this product or to see further images and more customer feedback please click here!

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