Maisonette Cat Den Review

The Maisonette Cat Den is designed for outdoor use and gives your cat their own space in your garden. The ground floor den has slats over the entrance to keep it warmer and the gallery above this is covered so ideal for sheltering from light showers. The roof is bitumen coated so weather proof and can also be used as a higher vantage point, particularly on nice sunny days. A ladder with four steps grants access to the gallery but kitty will need to be agile if they want to make use of the roof.

Maisonette Cat Den

Maisonette Cat Den Features

Made from wood with a sturdy bitumen roof this cat den can be used all year round and will keep the cold and wet weather out. The lower den will be warm and dry regardless of what is happening outside with three weather proof slats covering the entrance. A fun ladder lets kitty take advantage of the covered gallery and take in the view from a higher vantage point. This is ideal for cats who prefer to be outdoors but who still need somewhere they can lie down, be warm and feel safe all year round.

Maisonette Cat Den Summary

A beautifully made three level cat den crafted from wood topped off with a bitumen roof. Perfect for year round use although being a wooden product you should expect to stain it using a non toxic wood preserver from time to time to ensure it stays in tip top condition. Very easy to assemble and guaranteed to look striking when positioned in your back garden.

Maisonette Cat Den Specifications

Overall dimensions: 70cm long x 50cm wide x 73cm high
External dimensions of den: 50cm long x 50cm wide x 33cm high
Lower level: 48cm long x 47.5cm wide x 28cm high
Upper level: 48cm long x 47.5cm wide x 32.5cm high
Door opening: 16cm wide x 18cm high

Maisonette Cat Den Reviews

There are 46 customer reviews for this cat den on the vendor's website and they are all positive. Here is a typical example:

“Because of the hot weather my cat has been using the veranda all the time, it's especially good for warm but wet weather, as he likes to be outside but sheltered from the rain. Now that it is getting colder at night, he has started using the box. I have taken the flap off for now though, because I think pushing it in was putting him off going inside. I will try to introduce it slowly to him, when it gets colder, so he can keep warm. It is very easy to put together too, would definitely think of getting another. ”

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