Kerbl Safari Cat Tree Review

The Kerbl Safari Cat Tree is a high quality compact model available at a budget price. It has all the basic features you want from a cat tree including two scratching posts, a scratching board, a comfortable bed plus plenty of areas to climb, explore and play. It is ideal if you only own one cat but could easily accommodate two. All Kerbl cat trees are made to extremely high standards so they will not start to fall apart after a week or two like some cheap models.

Kerbl Safari Cat Tree

Kerbl Safari Cat Tree Features

One of the primary reasons for buying a cat scratching tree is to provide kitty with somewhere to sharpen their claws and to prevent them from damaging your furniture. The Safari model has two sturdy scratch posts which are 7cm in diameter and it also boasts a curved scratching board which doubles up as a play tunnel. A snug bed sits on top of the tallest post and your cat will need to climb their way up to get to it. En route there is a curved platform for resting on or playing with the dangling toy suspended from the underside of the bed.

Kerbl Safari Cat Tree Summary

A top quality product which will not break the bank, the Kerbl Safari cat bed will fit into a home without much free space and provide your cat with everything they need to keep them happy and to look after their claws. Perfect for households with one or perhaps two cats. This is one of the best selling items of cat furniture which speaks volumes in itself.

Kerbl Safari Cat Tree Specifications

Colours available: Brown
Dimensions: 38cm wide x 38cm deep x 60cm tall
Sisal posts: 7cm diameter
Bed diameter: 30cm
Manufacturer Model Number: 82529

Kerbl Safari Cat Tree Reviews

There are 11 reviews for this cat tree on the vendor's website, most of which are very positive. Here is a typical example:

“We were really worried about this - you know how fussy cats can be, and we were grimly prepared for her to ignore it. But after a sprinkling of catnip around the bottom, curiosity overcame her and she quickly learned to scratch the curved scratch bit at the bottom, and she certainly loves jumping up to settle on the top circular section: I think she likes that particularly because it's enclosed, nice and comfy with the soft fluffy material - and most of all gives her a good raised vantage point. She doesn't use the middle section to lie in at all, but uses it as a jumping point to get to the top. With judicious use of catnip she will also play around in the tunnel bit at the bottom too, so all in all it's done what we wanted and kept her amused, warm, settled and OFF THE FURNITURE (so far). Good value for what it is, and it's very easy indeed to assemble.”

How to buy the Kerbl Safari Cat Tree

Price at the time of writing this review was £38.00 To order this product or to see further images and more customer feedback please click here!

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