Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree Review

The Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree is a delightful piece of cat furniture designed to resemble a favourite armchair. It is actually a cross between a cat bed, a mini cat tree and a cat scratching post so serves various functions whilst not taking up very much room in your home. The bright green colour will make it a focal point and is sure to be a talking point with your friends.

Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree

Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree Features

With three thick 9cm diameter sisal scratching posts this cat scratching tree will let your cat use their instincts to sharpen their claws without your furniture bearing the brunt of it. There are two resting areas, the lower one is upholstered in white to contrast with the green plush coating elsewhere and the upper level is a smaller observation type platform which also makes a comfortable bed to sleep on.

Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree Summary

A small but functional cat bed and scratching post which will brighten up any room without dominating it due to its size. Made by the reputable company Kerbl it is a top quality product and should serve many years of use. Terrific value for money and a very aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture in itself. It is also one of the best selling Kerbl products for obvious reasons.

Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree Specifications

Colours available: Green (with white bed)
Dimensions: 42cm wide x 37cm deep x 70cm tall
Sisal posts: 9cm diameter
Upholstered rest area

Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree Reviews

There are 31 reviews for this cat tree on the vendor's website, the majority of which are very favourable. Here is a typical example:

“This was very easy to assemble. All three cats use the scratching post, as well as the carpet, chairs, etc. only one uses it to sleep in and she uses the two seats depending on the mood. Very good value. We have other posts which cost a lot more but this is as good as those. Also brings a not of colour into the room. Would buy again.”

How to buy the Kerbl Lounge Cat Tree

Price at the time of writing this review was £40.00 To order this product or to see further images and more customer feedback please click here!

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