Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree Review

The Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree is one of the smaller models you can buy but is still big on features. It boasts a choice of three platforms for climbing or resting, four sisal scratching posts for sharpening claws, a hanging play ball and a comfortable bed. With a stylish brown and beige colour scheme it will look fantastic in your kitchen or lounge. Manufactured by Kerbl in Germany you can rest assured this is a top quality product and it represents excellent value for money.

Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree

Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree Features

Four sturdy 8cm diameter sisal scratch posts which are tough enough to withstand the harshest attacks by your cat. They will love exploring and climbing around the choice of three levels and the play toy suspended from the top tier will provide endless fun. A plush bed on the lower level is easily accessible by both kittens and elderly cats with restricted mobility. This model will easily fit into any home even if you are tight for space.

Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree Summary

A sturdy and robust product at a budget conscious price. Kitty will love climbing, exploring and playing and the tree will blend into any decor with its neutral brown and beige finish. Suitable for more than one cat but it might be a little crowded if they are both using it at the same time.

Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree Specifications

Colours available: Brown
Dimensions: 70cm wide x 35cm deep x 96cm tall
Sisal posts: 8cm diameter
Bed: 32cm diameter
SKU: B004162LB0

Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree Reviews

There are 9 reviews for this cat tree on the vendor's website, all of which are very reassuring. Here is a typical example:

A cat tree that's big and sturdy enough for 2 junior cats - most of the times these trees see to be for kittens, I can confirm this one is brilliant for adults/juniors.

How to buy the Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree

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