Heracles Cat Tree Review

The Heracles Cat Tree is a large multi-level climbing tree which fits onto a relatively small footprint measuring just 50cm x 50cm. A hammock is suspended from the first platform which also houses a plush lined den ideal for snoozing or escaping from it all. The two highest levels have comfortable resting platforms which provide fantastic elevated vantage points. This model is large enough to accommodate two or more cats and also features seven 9cm diameter sisal scratching posts.

Heracles Cat Tree

Heracles Cat Tree Features

Finished in a warm beige colour this cat tree has lots of plush covered areas for your cat to snuggle down and relax. The hammock makes a great place to lie down and rest and when kitty wants some privacy the den which is also plush lined provides somewhere to hide away from it all. If your moggie enjoys being high up then they can choose from the two upper levels which will allow them to lie down in confort while being able to see everything around them. There are no less than seven scratching posts in various places as you work your way from the base to the top which cater for a cat's natural instinct to sharpen their claws.

Heracles Cat Tree Summary

An ideal choice for households with multiple felines and great value for money at approximately half the price of some other large models. Plenty of places where kitty can scratch rather than doing it on your furniture. The hammock and den will especially suit kittens or less agile older cats while the higher observation decks will satisfy cats who enjoy climbing and being up as high as possible. Made from hard wearing materials designed to withstand the fiercest scratch attacks and sustained use.

Heracles Cat Tree Specifications

Colours available: Beige
Dimensions: 50cm wide x 50cm deep x 175m tall
Sisal posts: 9cm diameter
Den: 40cm long x 40cm wide x 35cm high

Heracles Cat Tree Reviews

There are 11 reviews for this cat tree on the vendor's website, most of which are very positive. Here is a typical example:

“This is by far the best cat tree that I have ever bought for my cats. I have 2 large boys and the den is really big which gives plenty room for the boys when they are in it - usually they can't fit into the dens on these trees. It is really high which Ollie loves (he loves sitting on top of doors). It also looks really nice and good quality too! For once, the boys are using every single platform/den - well worth the money!”

How to buy the Heracles Cat Tree

Price at the time of writing this review was £59.90 To order this product or to see further images and more customer feedback please click here!

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