Diogenes Scratching Barrel Review

The Diogenes Scratching Barrel as the name suggests is designed in the shape of a barrel. The exterior is completely covered in sisal providing a very large surface area for cats to scratch their claws on. There are three openings on the sides which provide access to the three dens and finally a bed on the very top.

Diogenes Scratching Barrel

Diogenes Scratching Barrel Features

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch and this keeps their claws sharp and healthy as well as reducing the risk of ingrowing nails. The large sisal covered exterior of this large barrel design will provide ample space for frequent scratch attacks. Two of the internal dens are interconnected and the third gives kitty somewhere private to hide away and take a catnap. The snug bed on top is plush lined with raised sides forming a comfortable place to lie down and sleep.

Diogenes Scratching Barrel Summary

Whilst not made to resemble a real tree, the barrel shape is certainly novel and this product is one of the best sellers which is a testament itself. It is small enough to blend into the corner of any room and has every feature your cat could need to be happy. It is big enough for more than one cat although you might be better looking at the XXL model if you do want something slightly larger.

Diogenes Scratching Barrel Specifications

Colours available: Beige
Dimensions: 75cm high, 36cm diameter
Entrance holes: 17cm diameter
Internal beds: 34cm diameter
Top bed: 25cm diameter

Diogenes Scratching Barrel Reviews

There are 44 reviews for this scratching barrel on the vendor's website and all of them are favourable. Here is a typical example:

“My cats love this. We have 8 cats so lots of beds but this suits more than most. The top is always occupied and its great watching the look of disgust when the others can't have top seat! The inner top spot is ideal for one of our shy girls. The bottom 2 holes create fun as one of my cats sleeps in the 2nd up space with her flabby tum hanging through the hole. So undignified but she seems happy until one of the others goes into the bottom hole and bashes her! The scratch post I believe will last years and won't unravel like some I've bought. Really recommend. Now going to buy another but toying with getting the XXL version. Don't mind investing as it is so durable and loved by the moggies.”

How to buy the Diogenes Scratching Barrel

Price at the time of writing this review was £36.90 To order this product or to see further images and more customer feedback please click here!

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