Cat Tree Reviews

Bears Den Cat Tree

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Bears Den Cat tree has a compact design incorporating five levels and a den. Five sisal scratching posts and a scratch pad provide plenty of areas for sharpening claws. Suited to small and elderly cats as well as homes with more than one cat.

Atlas Cat Tree

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Atlas Cat tree is a ceiling height model with multiple levels incorporating two hammocks, a den, a high level bed and a variety of platforms for resting on. This is very large so would suit an owner with loads of room and multiple cats in their household.

Diogenes Cat Scratching Barrel

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Diogenes Scratching Barrel features a tower design for climbing, playing and of course scratching. It has three openings, two inter connected dens and a third den for hiding away in. At the very top is a plush lined bed with raised edges for sleeping or to act as an observation point.

Rapunzel Cat Tree

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Rapunzel Cat Tree resembles a castle and your cat will feel like the king as they explore the many different levels and three imposing turrets. Unsurprisingly this is one of the best selling models in the whole cat tree range and offers excellent value for money.

Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Paradise Banana Leaf Cat Tree is made from completely natural hand woven banana leaves which are extremely hard wearing and leave minimal mess if scratched by cats. This model features two dens plus two resting platforms and a dangling play toy.

Heracles Cat Tree

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Heracles Cat Tree is a large sized model incorporating a den, a hammock and two elevated resting platforms. There are seven sisal scratching posts and lots of snug plush covered areas for relaxing.

Kerbl Safari Cat Tree

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Kerbl Safari Cat Tree / Cat Bed is a compact model cat tree with two sisal scratching posts, a curved scratching board, a comfy bed and a curved platform for relaxing on.

Kerbl Lounge Cat Bed and Scratching Post

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Kerbl Lounge is a cross between a cat bed, a small cat tree and a cat scratching post. Strikingly designed to look like a favourite armchair it has two comfortable resting areas and three sisal scratch posts.

Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree

Bears Den Cat TreeThe Kerbl Jade Pro Cat Tree is a small to medium size piece of cat furniture featuring three platforms of varying heights, four sisal scratching posts, a dangling play ball and a comfortable den.