Cat Den and Cat House Reviews

Trixie Cats Home Cats House

Trixie Cats Home Cats HouseThis outdoor cats house gives your kitty their own space to shelter and hide in the garden. Designed in the shape of a house it will look fabulous and is made to be weather proof and comfortable. The doors and windows can be closed in bad weather and you can add a blanket or cushion inside if required.

Maisonette Cat Den

Trixie Cats Home Cats HouseA wooden outdoor cat den with a weather proof bitumen roof. The lower level den has slats over the doorway to keep it warm and above this is a covered gallery which is protected from light rain. The roof can also be used as a vantage point or place to lie down.

Pueblo Cat Den

Trixie Cats Home Cats HouseA beautiful cat den made from wicker and designed for indoor use. The ground floor den is enclosed with an entrance archway and window to look out of. The upper level is open and ideal for observing the local area. Both have comfortable cushions which can be removed and machine washed.

Prince Cat Den

Trixie Cats Home Cats HouseA delightful cat den and sleeping cabin which really is fit for a prince. The ground floor has a cosy cabin accessed through an arched doorway while the upper level features a gallery with a balcony styled handrail around the perimeter and a cute four step ladder leading up to it.

Madeira Cat House

Trixie Cats Home Cats HouseA triangular shaped cat house with three entrances each shaped like a cats head. The accommodation boasts three separate sleeping dens spread over two levels, the upper also having a small balcony to make access easier. A large lockable door to rear gives plenty of room to clean the interior or to add cushions or blankets.

Catit Design Home Hangout

Trixie Cats Home Cats HouseThe Catit Design Home Hangout is an aesthetically pleasing cat den crafted from woven banana leaves. Resistant to shredding and completely natural it will look stunning in your home.