Bear's Den Cat Tree Review

The Bear's Den Cat tree is comparatively small compared to most other cat trees but still has five levels for your cat or cats to enjoy. Being compact it is ideally suited for owners who might be short on space - it will fit unobtrusively into the corner of a room.

Bear's Den Cat Tree

Bear's Den Cat Tree Features

As you can see from the photo, the accommodation is arranged over five tiers supported by three sisal scratching posts. A sisal scratch board doubles as a ramp up to the first level through a circular hole. Kitty then has a choice of the cozy den or the paw print designed platform or if they want to venture higher there is a play tunnel suspended under the penthouse bed / viewing area.

Bear's Den Cat Tree Summary

A compact design with everything needed to keep your cat comfortable as well as providing plenty of scratching areas which are essential to keep a feline's claws in good health and prevent damage to furnishings around the home. This model is suitable for owners with more than one cat, households without much room and is also perfect for kittens or older cats with mobility problems.

Bear's Den Cat Tree Specifications

Colours available: Beige
Dimensions: 55cm wide x 55cm deep x 118 cm tall
Sisal posts: 9cm diameter
Penthouse bed: 54cm wide x 35cm deep x 10cm high - removable and washable at 30 C

Bear's Den Cat Tree Reviews

24 reviews on the vendor's website all of which are positive. Here is a typical example:

My 4 cats love this! There's plenty of room for them and it's great for relaxing or playing. The 2 kittens love chasing each other around this cat tree. Very easy to put together and looks great in any room. Fantastic purchase!

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